Astronomy Stargazing – Green Laser Pointer

The scientists have done a lot in the exploration of the laser diode technology, thus astronomy will directly benefit from the newly developed green laser diode technology. However, most of the people would have the doubt that why green laser pointer is so important in astronomy? Why does astronomer would only choose a green laser pointer?

This is just the key points I would explain for you.

Generally speaking, both green and red laser pointers are usual seen laser pointers, while there are big differences between them. Comparing the color and wavelength of the two kinds of laser diode, the green color has the wavelength of 532nm, which is considered as the most sensitive color. On the other hand, the color is also affected by the atmosphere. Light is still visible when it is scattered by the atmosphere, and shorter wavelength color beam would be easier to scatter than longer wavelength color beam. Green color with a medium wavelength is quite easier to scatter than a longer wavelength such as red. As a result, the green laser pointer is considered as an ideal choice for astronomy lovers and researchers for star gazing. The bright and visible beam of green laser pointer can be seen even in miles far away. The higher the output power is, the longer distance the beam will be reach in the sky.

Star gazing is not the only one application of the green laser pointer. Higher power green laser pointer is an ideal accessory in telescope watching of celestial objects. Astronomy laser pointer can be mounted on a telescope using a bracket or by holding the laser pointer by hand in the groove parallel to the telescopes optical axis. The beam of the green laser pointer would clearly show where the telescope is pointing, which has greatly improved the efficiency of observation of objects. Astronomy laser pointer is a good choice to use in astronomy to make an easy and accurate of definition of target object and thus make a clear watching of the object. Simply an astronomy green laser pointer with power less than 100mW is enough for personal observation and fine atmosphere visibility.

The output power range of astronomy laser pointer is from 5mW to 200mW, astronomer could choose them according to the current weather and working conditions. In badly weather, a high power 200mW green laser pointer is necessary to choose so that the beam could go through the heavy atmosphere layer and get a clear result. Besides, a 100mW above green laser pointer is always in need when more than one person is watching stars and other celestial object in your side.

It’s quite dangerous if you don’t pay much attention while using a high power green laser pointer. Pointing a laser pointer on an aircraft is illegal in any country so you should never point it nearly an aircraft or the prison would be your second family. Using the laser pointer cautiously and then you will have a wonderful time during your astronomy working.

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