Stargazing Pen – 150mW Green Laser Pointer from

No matter for stargazing or presentation of celestial object, the 150mW green laser pointer is always a wonderful choice for men to use. People can always enjoy themselves while holding such powerful green laser pointer in the night sky.
Although green laser pointers ranging from 50mW to 150mW are all suitable to use in astronomy research, while powerful laser pointers are much more proper especially for stargazing in forward or in bad weather condition. For example, people need to choose a higher power green laser when you need to point star or constellations to a group of people behind you. As the result of the sensitive color to naked eyes and its long distance beam visibility, the bright beam of the powerful laser can always reach the celestial object immediately. People can always have a clear and quick observation of the stars or constellations in the sky in the direction of the bright laser light. What’s more, a powerful laser usually has better beam divergence in atmosphere layer than lower power lasers, thus it has provided a lot of convenience for people to do astronomy research in serious weather condition such as fog, smog, cloudy days or seriously polluted atmosphere and so on. In a word, a powerful green laser pointer will make a more effective result in astronomy research.
People can always get a cool experience while doing astronomy research with a 150mW green laser pointer. At the same time, people need to learn some basic safety knowledge of how to use a green laser pointer correctly, and it is quite necessary for men to wear safety glasses to keep eyes safe from the radiation of strong laser light. The basic thing needs to do while doing astronomy research is to wear proper red color laser glasses that are suitable for green laser pointer.

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