Wide application of laser pointer from Laserto.com

The first time I have got a 100mW green laser pointer, I am totally convinced by the elite laser pointer manufactures. How can a green laser pointer have so many kinds of applications? It would be a funny thing to do experiment with a green laser pointer.

Popping balloons with a 100mW green laser pointer is really an exciting thing to do. Ahead of experiment, I have prepared several black balloons. Since dark color and ideal black color is the easiest one to absorb enemy from the beam of 100Mw green laser pointer. If not black color balloons, you can draw black on a light color balloons. During the experiment of popping balloon, you should steady your hands so that the enemy could be quickly absorbed until the laser pointer can pop the balloons successfully.

While doing experiment of burn matches, the green laser pointer should be fixed or handheld steadily and pointed at head of the match until burning out. The black head matches are used during the experiment. When choosing a green laser pointer, a laser pointer with IR filter is really quite important. IR filter green laser pointer is not only much more powerful than usually laser diode since the filter would much easier to absorb energy, and the most important of all should be the safety use of such kind of laser pointers.

While doing experiment with a green laser pointer, you’d better wear laser safety goggles, or the high power beam might hurt your eyes, and the bright beam might cause temporary blind of eyes. Besides, the green laser pointer should never point at human and animal skins and eyes, buildings, helicopters, air craft. Have a complete understanding of basic safety knowledge, and you will have a wonderful time with the green laser pointer.

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