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At present time, green laser pointer is the most popular one among all series of laser pointers. The bright and highly visible beam has made green laser pointer become a perfect tool for presentation. The green laser pointer is considered as a perfect tool for stargazing for those of astronomy lovers and researcher owing to its high brightness and visibility in the night sky.

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The beam of green laser pointer is visible both at night and during the daytime, which is especially bright in the evening. Green laser pointer with an output power ranging from 5mW to 150mW will be usable for presentation, and the higher powered lasers usually have longer distance beam visibility. In our daily life, people can use a green laser pointer for presentation in business conference, speech, classroom, and lecture etc, while it will play an especially important part in astronomy research.

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Comparing with naked eyes observation, the appearance of green laser pointer has made it no need for people to wave hand and explain where they are pointing at hardly, and the bright beam has just been enough to point at the certain star or celestial objects clearly. While pointing celestial objects in the sky, a 5mW green laser pointer is enough for individual watching in good weather condition, and a green laser pointer with an output power over 100mW will be necessary when you are doing astronomy research or continuing astronomy teaching with your companions. Besides, the higher power green laser pointer will be in need in bad atmosphere visibility since they have better beam dispersion in the atmosphere such as heavy fogs, serious pollutions etc. The beam is so bright in the night sky that you can nearly feel your naked eyes are touching the star.

Unlike naked eyes observation, the bright beam will be harmful to naked eyes. Whenever watching stars in the night sky, you should make good protection of your eyes with laser safety goggles and you will have a good time during your astronomy work.


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