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It would be a frustrating moment when you cannot identify an object in the night sky to a companion by waving arms, pointing fingers, describing and gastrulating etc during your astronomy researches or astronomy teachings. Green laser pointer with bright beam and long distance beam visibility would be a perfect solution to this problem to take place of your arms or fingers while pointing into the night sky.

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Green laser pointer is the most popular laser among all series of laser gadgets, which is not only an ideal gadget for pointing out celestial objects but also very useful tool for aligning telescopes and for astrophotography. Green laser pointer is the perfect tool for astronomy because green is the most sensitive color to human naked eyes. 532nm green laser pointer has a good effect of light in the earth’s atmosphere. The lights of 532nm green laser are much easier to visible and scatter in the atmosphere. Since higher wavelengths are scattered more than higher wavelengths, thus the medium wavelength of 532nm green laser pointer is easier to scatter in atmosphere that red color green laser pointer. As a result, green laser pointer is considered as the preferred color laser pointer for astronomy researches.

Green color laser pointer is widely applied in astronomy and pointing out celestial objects to people next to you is not the only one application in the field of astronomy. Without waving hands and fingers, astronomers would only need to point the green laser pointer at anyone of the celestial objects. Green laser pointer can also be mounted on a telescope by a bracket, and the beam of green laser pointer would clearly show where the telescope is pointing at and the celestial objects being observed by the telescope.

Usually green laser pointers used in astronomy are available from 5mW until 150mW. A 5mW green laser pointer is enough for individual astronomy research, while a higher power 150mW green laser pointer would be necessary while pointing stars with a large group of people who are not standing next to you.

Whenever pointing green laser pointers into night sky, you should always remember take measures to protect eyes from the radiation of powerful beam and have clear check if there are any flying objects in the sky nearby, and then you will have a good time during your astronomy research.

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