532nm Green Laser Pointer from Laserto.com

In the past days, red laser pointer was the only laser available in the marketplace, which is only used for presentation in speech, teaching, lecture and business conference, and the only relaxing tool for pet dogs or cats. From the first appearance of 5mW green laser pointer, higher and higher power green, red, blue, violet laser pointer and DPSS lasers have sprung up the whole laser pointer market.

532nm green laser pointer is mostly use for fan. In the former days, low power 5mW green laser pointer is most used as a presentation tool in our daily life, and also a wonderful tool to play with pet dog. The bright beam and laser dot of 5mW green laser pointer has provided a lot of enjoyment for pets, which always make them feeling especially active and enjoyable. Owing to the most sensitive color and the medium wavelength, 532nm green laser pointer is considered as the brightest laser among all series of laser gadgets.

Green laser pointers ranging from 5mW until 700mW are all available at present marketplace, and people can choose any series of green laser pointer or portable green laser so as to meet any kind of requirement. People should make a clear decision on which kind of application in need of. For example, if you only need a tool of presentation in speech, lecture, business conference or seeking a toy for your pet dogs or cats, a 5mW green laser pointer might be your best choice. In current days, more and more people would like to seek fun and entertainment, while this time a green laser pointer ranging from 100mW to 150mW might work.

Whenever using a high power green laser pointer, laser safety goggles are always necessary so as to protect eyes from any possible hurt brought by the powerful beam. People should always take enough care of the high output power and never point it on buildings, human and animal skins and eyes, flying aircraft etc.

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