Acheron Series Green Laser Pointer Review

I have received this Acheron series pen style green laser pointer last week and recently decided to do a review of this item. Honestly speaking, I am really very satisfied with it both in design and function.
The tiny size of 14mm×160mm is really a very attractive point for consumers who want to use it for presentation and astronomy research. The portable design has made it easy to carry with and can be put into your pocket just clicking it on pocket side. This pen style green laser pointer can point continuous output power, which is especially suitable for astronomy application.laser pointers
Among all available laser colors, green is the most sensitive and brightest color among all. The beam of 532nm green laser pointer has a long laser range of about 300 meters to 8,000 meters, and the beam is visible both at night and during daytime. As a result, this low power series pen style green laser pointer is mainly used for presentation in business conference, speech, lecture, laboratory experiment, museum, gallery exhibition etc. In addition, it is the most important and ordinary application for astronomy stargazing and telescope observation.
In the evening, astronomy stargazing is one of my favorite entertainment. Usually green laser pointers among output power range of 50Mw to 150Mw are all applicable for stargazing and other astronomy issues. In the direction of long distance laser beam, people can have a clear observation of stars and other celestial objects in the night sky. The strongly visible laser beam is applicable for various kinds of weather conditions such as heavy fog, rain or seriously polluted laser pointers
What’s more, this pen style laser pointer is also workable while mounted on telescope for long distance astronomy observation. Equipped with laser bracket, the laser pointer can be rotated 360 degrees in order to get the best position for astronomy research. Astronomy lovers and enthusiasts are always very enjoyable with this portable item.
This pen size laser pointer is a very useful tool in our daily life. If you are interested in it, you can just have a try and enjoy yourself with it.

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