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The high admire should beyond to the professionals of laser diode technology, who has not only made large varieties of laser pointers available in the laser pointer market, but also made higher power laser pointers explored day by day. At present time, the constant improved and sophisticated laser diode technology has made higher power portable green laser and pen series green laser pointer with an output power of 700mW a fact. Even though higher power laser pointers are available in the market place, while professionals have never stopped their missions and begun to pay more attention to exploration of actual uses in our daily life.

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Among all series of laser gadgets, green laser pointer is considered as the most practical and popular laser. In the former time, green laser pointer is merely used in our daily life, which is only used as a tool of presentation in teaching, speech, lecture, business conference, meetings etc. 5mW green laser pointer was always an ideal choice for such practical use, while a higher power green laser pointer ranging from 100mW to 150mW are usually used for seeking entertainment. For example, a 100mW green laser pointer with IR filter is powerful enough to pop balloon, light matches, burn plastic, melt rubber, and cut electric tapes etc. The 100mW green laser pointer is so powerful and bright that it can even light cigarette only in a few seconds. However, professionals are never satisfied with the results they have achieved, and on the other hand they have begun to concentrate on the exploration of more and more practical use of green laser pointer in our daily life.

At present time, green laser pointer is widely used in military, astronomy, and scientific research, medical and so on. The bright beam and long distance light visibility have made green laser pointer playing an especially important part in those of high technology fields. Whenever using a green laser pointer both for entertainment and practical use, people should pay special attention to the high output power, and laser safety goggles are always necessary to protect eyes from hurt from the powerful beam.

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