High Power Green Laser Pointer from Laserto.com

It must be a great job that professionals has made great contributions on the exploration of more and more high power green laser pointers and portable green lasers, who has made the highest power 700mW green laser pointer no longer a dream. Even though professionals of laser diode technology have explored the highest power green laser pointer, yet they have never stopped to realize the practical use of high power green laser pointer in our daily life.

It is both educational and a load of fun to do experiment with a green laser pointer, and there are a lot of experiment about high power green laser pointer. We usually choose a green laser pointer ranging from 100mW to 200mW for experiment. Whenever doing experiment with a green laser pointer, you should always remember keeping safety foremost in mind.

Burning plastic with a 75mW green laser pointer should be the easiest thermal experiment to perform. During the experiment, people only need to prepare thin black plastic such as rubbish plastic bags, and then hold the laser pointer close to the bag and keep the beam of 75mW green laser pointer focus on the surface of plastic bag. It will not spend a minute until the black plastic is burnt out.

The high power green laser pointer can also be used to cut electric tapes, melt rubbers, light cigarette, and pop balloon is my favorite experiment to do. Usually I will choose a 100mW green laser pointer and prepare dark or black balloons. A black color balloon can easily absorb energy and has little reflection thus it will absorb enough energy until pop the balloon successfully.

It is a good time to do experiment with a green laser pointer and people should pay enough attention to the high output power. Laser safety goggles are always necessary to protect eyes from the radiation of laser beam.

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