Laser Pointer, 532nm Green Laser Pointer from

For the majority of laser pointer lovers, green laser pointer is the most usually used gadgets. Owing to the high output power and strong beam visibility and brightness, green laser pointer cannot only bring us a lot of enjoy and convenience, but also become one of the most popular gadget in the world.

532nm green laser pointer owns the most sensitive color and the medium wavelength, thus the beam can be visible in a long distance far away. For example, the beam of the high power green laser pointer can even visible in several hundred miles far away. As a result, 532nm green laser crystal has got wide application both for enjoy and practical use in our daily life. Owing to the high brightness and long distance beam visibility, green laser pointer has been considered as the most perfect tool of astronomy. There are telescopes, astronomy telescope available to use by those astronomy researchers and enthusiasts, while the appearance of 532nm green laser pointer has soon take the place of those of telescope and become the best choice for star gazing and astronomy research.

It is an easy and convenient job to watch star and other constellations with a green laser pointer. Usually a 5mW 532nm green laser pointer has been enough the moment you need to watch a certain star in the night sky, which can also be used to find small spot on low clouds. The low power green laser pointer will not work while you are pointing a star or any other constellation for a large group of people. The high power green laser pointer will be necessary in such condition and successfully avoid the embarrassment of waving arms, complaining of alluring explanation and so on. Besides, higher power green laser pointer ranging from 100mW to 150mW can adapt to ugly weather such as heavy fogs, cloudy days or seriously polluted atmosphere with bad atmosphere visibility. The bright beam of high power green laser always have better atmosphere dispersion and could reach the object only in a few seconds, which has bring great convenience for astronomer to have a quick and easy aiming of targets.

Even though 532nm green laser pointer has got wide application in our daily life, yet professionals of laser diodes have never stopped their steps on exploring more and more practical use in those high technology required field. With the constant development of modern laser diode technology, we are looking forward to more and more actual use in military, astronomy, scientific research, medicine and so one.

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