To avoid Shoddy Laser Pointer

From the first appearance of 5mW green laser pointer, a large number of laser pointer manufacturers and distributor are flooded into the laser market. Various kinds of laser pointer with multiple colors and different output power have sprung up all over the world. It is a fortunate that a large variety of shoddy laser pointers are also flooded into the market, which has made it much difficult for people to separate high quality laser pointers from those of shoddy lasers.

The quality is especially important for a laser pointer. Infrared light is a potential danger of the shoddy laser pointer, which cannot be noticed by people until it is too dangerous. 532nm green light is the most visible color the human eyes and green laser give out only green color light, while the shoddy green laser pointer would give out not only green color light but also infrared light. The infrared light from shoddy laser pointer will hurt human eyes without being noticed until it’s too dangerous. Anyway, it is really a dangerous thing to hold a green laser pointer in hand.

There is no different from genuine green laser pointer and shoddy laser pointer while checking from their appearance, while the power is quite different if you compare them together. For example, you may have a doubt that how a shoddy laser pointer can have an output power of 200mW while might be less bright than a 50mW green laser pointer. This is just the fact. The shoddy laser pointer is not as bright and powerful as a genuine green laser pointer with the same range of output power. The shoddy laser pointers give out a lot of infrared light which can not seen by human eyes. Laser pointers can be distinguished by the light brightness.

Whenever you are choosing a laser pointer you should pay enough attention if it is a shoddy laser pointer. On condition that you have got a high power green laser pointer which is not so bright, it might be a shoddy laser pointer and is most likely giving out a lot of dangerous infrared light. Just do be careful to choose the most suitable green laser pointer at a reasonable price and always remember protecting eyes from the strong radiation of the powerful beam.

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