Practical Application of High Power Green Laser Pointer

Most of people would always think that a high power green laser pointer is just a danger, which might damage anything at any time. As a result, they just feel that they should keep far away from it. However, you should have noticed that more and more high power laser gadgets have been used in our daily life, and they seem have become indispensable part in most of occasions.

green laser pointer

In modern time military, this powerful gadget has begun to be used as a true power weapon in both military exercise and real military battle field. A high power green laser pointer is mainly used in target designation and ranging, defensive counter measures, communication and directed energy weapons. In battle field, it is not only a good gadget for defensive, but also applicable while mounted on rifles for long distance shooting and aim targeting. Usually soldiers would always use this laser device to detect enemy location and measure the general distance from enemy according to the visible beam. All of these conveniences have provided a lot of preparation for further attacking.

On basis of its bright and long distance beam visibility, it is mostly used as an accessory while mounted on telescope for forward targeting. With the help of this visible accessory, it has become easy and quick to make a clear targeting of shooting aims in very short time and greatly improved shooting efficiency in real battle field.

Lasers in medicine have a wide range of applications range from vision correction and surgery to wound cauterization and the acceleration of soft tissue healing. In brief, the lasers used in are divided into two categories, high power green lasers (3000mW to 10000mW) and low power red and infrared lasers (1mW to 700mW).

High powered lasers are used to cut through tissue and seal/cauterize wounds where as low level laser pointers are used to treat injuries and promote healing. Though not designed medical use and not to be used without medical approval, high power laser pointers and portable lasers and infrared laser pointers do in both theory and practice have medical applications.

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