Laser Pointer Makes Great Contributions to Humans

People who know laser pointer generally have two different attitudes towards the laser gadget. The first is that laser pointer is useless and harmful to human beings eyes. While laser lovers holding the second opinion think that laser pointer can help us a lot and it is really a capable assistant in our daily life. Personally, I think though laser pointer can cause damage to the eyes, it is still a necessary tool for stargazing and long range presentation.

Laser pointer is a small gadget to highlight objects by projecting a light spot onto the target. Now, green, blue and red laser pointers are relatively popular in the market. Laser followers always choose different laser tools to achieve their goals. Different laser pens or laser pointers have different output power. For the sake of people’s safety, laser pointers above 5mW are illegal in many countries. But the fact is that many laser men tend to purchase high power laser pointers to gain cooler experiences.

Laser pointer indeed has a wide range of applications and it is often used in business and seminar presentations as a pointing device. Red laser pointer is mainly used in indoor and low-light situations. Green laser pointer is more appropriate to be used in outdoor conditions and for long distances. Besides, green laser pointers are often used for astronomy activities. The green beam can be seen clearly at night and it can point out the location of an individual star quickly and accurately. Now the green laser has been widely used by astronomers during the lectures and amateur astronomy enthusiasts for stargazing.

Many people choose to go hiking or camping with the arrival of the summer. Laser pointer is also quite helpful when people carry out all kinds of outdoor activities. High power laser pointers are bright enough to scare away large wild animals. In addition, laser beam can serve as a help signal which is visible to airplane or other parities when people encounter dangerous conditions or emergencies. Entertainment is another important application of the laser pointer. Live concerts, clubs and laser show often use powerful laser pointers to dazzle the audience and stimulate their enthusiasm.

Laser pointer also has many functions in medical and chemical fields. And military armies often use lasers to distinguish battle companions and enemies. We have to say that laser pointer is multifunctional and it makes great contributions to human being.


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