Levin Series 1500mW Adjustable focus Blue Laser Pointer

What the hell can Levin series 1500mW adjustable focus blue laser pointer shock the market? Is there anyone having got the chance to get this most powerful blue color laser gadget? It should be considered as a great masterpiece of all professionals of 445nm blue laser diode. As a legally owned laser gadget, it is always an ideal tool for burning, cutting and thermal experiment in practical applications.

Even though we have processed Arthur series 1000mW waterproof blue laser pointer, yet we have made a great process in design, performance of Levin series 1500mW blue laser pointer. The advanced 445nm blue laser diode technology has made this new laser much more superior than traditional blue lasers. During the time of continuous output pointing, the peak power can reach as high as 1500mW. Its special manufactured laser diode with extra air cooling system can make itself keep pointing a long time without burnt out. As a result, this 1500mW blue laser pointer is no doubt the best choice for people for experiment, research, and other applications.Much different from traditional designed blue lasers, the adjustable focus blue laser can easily reach peak power in very short time by adjusting the laser head randomly. It is an efficient way to reduce energy consumption and shorten experiment time. In practical applications, this adjustable focus blue laser pointer is always used to light matches, cut electric tapes, burn papers.

The package would be really a proud thing to show off. Its elegant suitcase design is really also a high light point to attract me, which can perfectly protect laser pointers in very good condition during rough shipment and delivery. Anyway, people have no need to worry about being damaged during shipment.

Safety is always an important part to pay attention to. The on/off dust cover in front of laser head should be off once in no use of it. Besides, multiple safety measures such as laser safety key and safety dongles are perfectly protect laser owned to operate it in safe condition. It is a brilliant way to avoid being held in wrong hands. In addition, the RoHS of CE and FDA have made it manufactured with a standard specification and safety levels.

This legally owned Levin series 1500mW adjustable focus blue laser pointer is always the best choice for men when it is used in burning experiment. The 445nm blue laser beam can reach super high power temporarily and make a rapid burning in one moment. As the result of its high power, people should always be cautious enough whenever holding it. It is just a must for men to wear laser safety goggles to protect you safe from the radiation of powerful laser beam.

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