Infrared Laser Pointer Introduction

Infrared laser pointer is not a formal product and rarely applicable in our daily life. However it has been rapidly changing roles in how we perceive the use of IR laser. Among all available lasers, 808nm, 980nm, and 1064nm are ordinary IR laser. Lasers in this spectrum have been well adapted in the surveillance industry as well as the foreign and domestic intelligence agencies.
In modern times, multiple output power infrared laser pointers range from 200mW until 3000mW are available with both infrared laser pen and portable size infrared laser pointer. People can always choose an appropriate IR laser according to their final application.infrared laserAlongside its original application in surveillance industry, infrared laser pointers are also very helpful in modern times military. Since infrared laser pointers are invisible to human eyes, military forces have long used IR lasers to illuminate hostile targets without revealing its position. At the same time, infrared lasers also enhances night version equipment capabilities by flooding forward positions with invisible light that enhances light gathering performance and increasing the ability to detect objects at greater lengths.

Infrared lasers are also becoming a battlefield soldier’s choice of small arm target acquisition tools. Infrared laser pointers have taken on sub compact designs which are highly suited for tactical operations from civilian police forces to combat infantry. IR lasers are in use in virtually every government operation all over the world today.
Safety measures of operation of infrared laser pointer:
As the result of invisible laser beam and light spot, human beings have no feeling of hurt during pointing. Safety is a major concern with IR laser pointer because human eyes cannot detect or register the IR wavelength. When people who are pointing an infrared laser, it should be only handheld by professionals by using proper equipment. Nobody should be allowed to operating an infrared laser pointer before allowance. In additions, a pair of special designed laser safety goggles is a must to keep your eyes safe whenever pointing an infrared laser pointer.

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