1500mW Levin Series Blue Laser Pointer

The 1500mW Levin series 450nm blue laser pointer is a directly injected diode laser, which is an extremely powerful portable size laser that can be legally owned by human beings for non-commercial and private use.
The gadget I received with this 1500mW blue laser is not only a simple toy, but a real powerful gadget to hold in hands. It is the most powerful laser gadget I have seen ever before. This cool gadget is more effective than any others lasers I received before. You can never imagine how powerful it will be unless you tried it by yourself. It is just an important reason that I would like to make a review of this product.
The 1500mW Levin series blue laser pointer is absolutely not a typical laser. It has a bigger size than those of formal lasers, thus it is no toy to let your boy to play with. The constant research and development of laser diode technology have made this most powerful laser gadget available in the world. LaserTo owns the most powerful 450nm blue laser pointer. This is really a very powerful gadget, and people should always pay special attention to it.
It owns super powerful burning and thermal capacity. There is nearly no more than one second for you to wait after pointing. The powerful beam can make an instant burning of match. There is no hesitation for you to get a wonderful burning result. You can just feel it a true power laser to own.
Warnings: Anybody should understand it is an extremely dangerous thing to realize the super power of 1500mW Levin series blue laser pointer. It will blind permanently and instantly. Anybody should take it with extreme caution and only used it under enough safe protection. It is powerful enough to make a sudden burn to skin and anything else. Never try to point it with no preparation. Please make sure that you are always acknowledgeable with the hazard of Class four lasers, and do obey of safety operation of such kind of powerful laser.

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