19-year-old Man Gets 30 Months in Prison for Shining Laser at Plane

A new judgment has made on Monday by U.S District Judge Steven V. Wilson to sentence a 19-year-old California man to 30 months in federal prison for shining laser pointer at a plane and police helicopter.

This is the second time action when laser pointer pointing is considered as a federal crime from February 2012. The man has pointed the commercial grad green laser at helicopter in California on March 29, 2012. The pilot eyes was hit many times by laser beams, and were surfing “vision impairment that lasted for hours” after this accident. The helicopter pilot who has been wearing laser safety goggles was not injured.

Series danger might be caused by laser pointing to aircraft or plane. The high intensity laser light can dazzle pilot during plane take-off and landing. Incredible lost might be brought by laser pointing.

green laser beamMuch different from Class II and Class IIIA laser pointer, the commercially obtained green laser will project especially visible beam in darkness. Even though there is only tiny beam projected from a green laser, the laser diameter grows bigger and bigger as the pointing distance increasing. The high intensity beam can result in temporarily blindness if laser pointer is shone into someone’s eyes.

It is never a joke to shine a laser into eyes of pilots. It will be impossible to land the aircraft safely once there is temporally blinding of a pilot. Nobody can jeopardize the safely of passengers and people on the ground.

With the massive increase of high power lasers on the market, lots of incidents has been caused at the same time. Anybody who is point visible laser pointer, please always be cautious. A pair of laser safety goggles is always a necessity.

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