1500mW Tartarus Series Green Laser Pointer Badly in Need

This 1500mW Tartarus series green laser pointer would be another proud creativity after the appearance of 1500mW Levin series blue laser pointer. As a rare available cool gadget, this portable green l

Nether Series Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer Is Applicable In Experiment

Just from the birth of the first laser device, large quantity of powerful laser pointers has been flooded into market with the gradually matured laser diode technology. Meanwhile, laser professionals

Laser Pointer Makes Great Contributions to Humans

People who know laser pointer generally have two different attitudes towards the laser gadget. The first is that laser pointer is useless and harmful to human beings eyes. While laser lovers holding t

Military Laser Pointer – High Power Green Laser Pointer from Laserto.com

In recent days, high power green laser pointer has been widely used in area of those high-tech required areas such as military, astronomy, scientific research, medical, laboratory experiment etc. It w